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Not only are our adult teeth the last complete set we will get, but the way we feel physically and emotionally can be directly affected by an unhealthy mouth. Having access to a reputable, skilled, and dependable dental service can make all the difference in the world. That is why you need to call Healthy Smiles Dental Service as soon as possible! They will get your smile back on the right track and keep it there. When you call and schedule an appointment for dental services you can count on Healthy Smiles being able to provide you with an entire range of dental services for any need. They will not only take care of those routine check ups and cleanings, but they will also see to any cavities and filling needs as well. Healthy Smiles Dental Service has a variety of filling material to fit any aesthetic or dental health need, and they are able to repair breaks, chips, and cracks, create and place high-quality crowns and bridges, cover any denture or partial needs, and they do an incredible job with implants and other dental repair needs. Best of all, most of the dental services provided by Healthy Smiles is covered by most insurance plans, and they will also work with patients to develop a payment plan that will fit their financial needs. As a patient of Healthy Smiles Dental Service you will receive not only the best dental work from the most highly-educated and experienced professionals in the business, you will also be treated with gentleness and compassion, helping you to relax and have a peaceful dental experience. You will also have access to:

  • Various forms of sedation for the nervous patient
  • Some payment plans with up to 18 months free of interest
  • New patients are welcome at all times
  • Nitrous oxide use
  • Emergency dental services

Call Healthy Smiles Dental Service today for any oral care need! Educated, Experienced, and Compassionate

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  • There are a variety of reasons you may need the services of a highly-qualified cosmetic dentist; accidents of any kind can result in painful, broken, and unattractive teeth. Sometimes the damage can be so severe you simply must have the very best cosmetic dentistry in Little Rock, and Healthy Smiles can provide you with the quality cosmetic dentistry you are looking for, so call now!
  • Patients who are considering sedation dentistry need to understand how simple and safe it is. The process utilizes sedatives to create a calm and relaxed state throughout the course of the dental procedure. Sedation results in less anxiety and stress, and an overall more pleasant dental experience. Our Little Rock AR dentists are adept in administering sedation during dental procedures, so the risks and side effects are minimal, and the experience is painless.
  • They are possibly the two most dreaded words in the English language; 'root canal'. I cringed just typing them. The fact of the matter is that root canals have come a long way, and there are a number of methods which can be used to make the process, and the root canal recovery period much easier. If you are looking for the most compassionate, gentle root canals Little Rock provides now is the time to stop the pain for good and call Healthy Smiles today!
  • Remember the days of chromed-out braces and head-gear at night, all for the sake of beautiful, straight teeth? It was indeed a miserable experience which seemed to last most of your life. Now those days are gone for good, thanks to Invisalign, a teeth-straightening system which is virtually invisible, completely comfortable, and now you can take advantage of Invisalign in Little Rock by simply calling Healthy Smiles now!

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